Checking in with myself

Have some standards, Klackner.

It only took a couple weeks for me to come to the realization that I very specifically didn’t want to make this blog like the last one in one specific way, and that is having some thing thrown together randomly and half-assed. After rereading it, I definitely felt like the thing about Stephen Foster was below the standard I’m trying to maintain for myself. With that in mind, I’m going to try to have something resembling a strict schedule for writing and publishing moving forward.

I wake up at 5 AM on work days to write. I can usually get a good 90 minutes in before it’s time to get ready to head for the office. I will occasionally write in the evenings if the mood strikes, but that’s not always the case. Rather than try to pump these out as fast as I can, I think I’m going to try writing something for publishing once per week, in theory on Friday, so that I can devote the amount of time that I think is appropriate to making them something good. I’ve already got something in the works for this coming Friday, so that’s good, right?

At any rate, thanks for your patience as I figure out what I want this to be. As a symbol of thanks, please enjoy this video of the great Friedrich Gulda very clearly half-assing the wardrobe but definitely full-assing the piano playing of the “Emperor” Concerto.

See you Friday, friends.